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                                                                                       LAMB & MINT                                                  139
                 Pie and Pint                                                          Boneless lamb cubes slow-cooked in a sweet  mint sauce, topped

                                                                                       with golden pastry, served with chips
                SPECIAL                                                                BOBS BUNNY PIE                                               125

                                                                                       Lamb curry with feta cheese and sweet chutney wrapped in
                                                                                       golden puff pastry, served with chips

                                                                                       BEEF, BACON & GUINNESS                                       119
                 Order any one of our delicious
                  homemade pies and receive a                                          Tender beef cubes, bacon bits and Guinness stewed overnight and
                      complementary 500ml                                              covered with a puff pastry lid, served with chips
                           Castle Draught                                              PEPPER STEAK                                                 115

                                           Absolutely                                  Lean diced beef sautéed in a rough pepper sauce, topped with a light
                                                                                       pastry lid, served with chips
                                               FREE!                                   BEEF FILLET POCKET                                           159

                                                                                       A  fillet  of  beef,  stuffed  with  white  button  mushrooms, onions and
                                                                                       parsley, wrapped in a golden pastry, served with brown onion gravy
                                                                                       and chips

                                                                                       CHICKEN & MAYO                                               109

                                                                                       Chicken breast cubes baked with mozzarella cheese in a thick golden
                                                                                       pastry, served with chips

                                                                                       STEAK & KIDNEY                                               115

                                                                                       A combination of prime beef cubes and diced kidney braised with
                                                                                       onions, carrots and potatoes in a thick brown onion gravy, topped
                                                                                       with puff pastry, served with chips

                                                                                       BEEF & VEG                                                   109

                                                                                       Tender beef cubes, potatoes, carrots and peas in a thick brown onion
                                                                                       gravy, stewed overnight with fresh herbs and topped with a crisp puff
                                                                                       pastry, served with your choice of starch

                                                                                       COTTAGE PIE                                                    89

                                                                                       Savoury beef mince with onions, baby carrots and peas prepared in
                                                                                       a thick gravy and topped with creamy mashed potato and
                                                                                       cheddar cheese

                                                                                       SAVOURY MINCE PIE                                              99

                                                                                       Our delicious savoury mince, blended with baby carrots, peas and onions,
                                                                                       prepared in our thick, rich gravy. Topped with a golden lid and served
                                                                                       with chips
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