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                 TATOE SKINS                                              59          HALLOUMI DIPPER                                          65

                 Thin potato wedges topped with Napoli sauce  and melted              Deep-fried halloumi cheese fingers, served with a sweet thai-
                 cheddar cheese, served with sour cream and mild guacamole            chilli sauce and a lemon wedge

                 Bacon                                                     65
                                                                                      LIVER & ONIONS                                           69
                 PERI-PERI LIVERS                                         55          Tender strips of liver, pan-fried with bacon and onions in a thick

                 A generous portion of chicken livers, pan-fried in a creamy peri-peri   brown onion gravy, served with mashed potatoes and veggies
                 sauce, served with fresh toast
                                                                                      SEAFOOD GUMBO                                           109
                 NACHOS                                                   85          Pan-fried calamari, hake and half-shell mussels, smothered in
                                                                                      our own gumbo sauce and served with toasted garlic bread
                 Crunchy tortilla chips oven-baked with cheddar  and  mozzarella      wedges
                 cheese, sprinkled with spicy jalapeños, served with guacamole,
                 sour cream and Mexican salsa
                                                                                      FISH & CHIPS                                             79
                 Chicken                                                   89
                                                                                      Fillet  of  hake  prepared  in  our  homemade beer  batter  and
                 Beef                                                      89         deep-fried ‘til golden brown, served with home fries, french
                                                                                      salad and a tangy tartare sauce
                 MINI PIZZA                                               55

                 A mini pizza, laden with bacon, peppers, mushrooms, onions and       GARLIC MUSSEL POT                                        95
                 mozzarella cheese
                                                                                      Half-shell New Zealand mussels, prepared in a creamy garlic &
                                                                                      white wine sauce, served with garlic bread for dunking
                 CLUB SANDWICH                                            99
                 Grilled chicken breasts, crispy bacon,  cheddar cheese, lettuce      CALAMARI starter   69     CALAMARI main  89
                 and tomato on a fresh sesame loaf, served with chips and honey       A  generous  portion  of  crumbed  calamari  served  with steamed
                 mustard mayo                                                         yellow rice and a tartare sauce

                 FRANKFURTER FIX                                          99

                 A  freshly  baked  sesame  loaf with  frankfurter  sausage,  fried
                 onions,  jalapeño  peppers,  melted  mozzarella  and  cheddar
                 cheese, served with chips

                 TRINCHADO - PUB STYLE
                 Tender strips of beef or chicken, pan-fried in a creamy garlic &
                 white wine sauce, with a hint of fresh chilli, served with
                 a hot portuguese roll or chips
                 Chicken                                                   85

                 Beef                                                      89

                 CHEESY SNAILS                                            75

                 Half a dozen snails covered in a creamy garlic & white wine
                 sauce, smothered in melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese,
                 served with brown bread fingers
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