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BREAKFAST Strictly 8-11am

                  THE QUICK START                                          29                 SAUSAGE, EGG & CHIPS                                   69

                  Two rashers of prime back bacon, one fried egg, one slice of                Three succulent pork sausages grilled ‘til golden brown, served
                  toast, chips and grilled tomato                                             with two fried eggs and a generous portion of home fries

                  SAVOURY MINCE ON TOAST                                   45                 BRUNCH BURGER                                          99

                  Two slices of toast topped with our legendary savoury mince                 Our traditional 150g homemade patty layered with bacon, egg
                  and sprinkled with grated cheddar                                           and grated cheddar cheese

                  THE KICK OFF                                             45                 STEAK, EGG & CHIPS                                     99

                  Two fried eggs, two rashers of bacon, two slices of toast, chips            A tender 200g prime cut of rump, flame-grilled to your liking
                  and grilled tomato                                                          and topped with a fried egg, served with braised onions and

                                                                                              home fries
                  PERI LIVERS ON TOAST                                     55
                                                                                              THE PORKER                                             89
                  Two slices of toast laden with a generous portion of pan-fried
                  peri-peri chicken livers                                                    Two rashers of bacon, pork banger, pork chop, two fried eggs,
                                                                                              two slices of toast, chips and grilled tomato
                  EARLY BIRD WRAP                                          89
                                                                                              THE CLUBHOUSE                                          79
                  Crispy bacon rashers, scrambled egg, button mushrooms,
                  cheddar cheese, spring onion, grilled tomato and rocket,                    One fried egg, two rashers of bacon, a pork banger, fried white
                  served with chips                                                           mushrooms, italian tomatoes, chips and two slices of toast

                  TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST                                    69                 THE RUMBLE FURTER                                      79

                  Two fried eggs, bacon, a pork banger, fried tomato, toast and               Fried potatoes, onions and bacon bits, two frankfurters and
                  golden home fries                                                           baked beans in tomato sauce

                  DANISH MUSHROOMS                                         69                 BREAKFAST MIXED GRILL                                139

                  Grilled  black  mushrooms  topped  with  one  of  the  following            This one is for the meat lovers! 200g rump steak with a fried
                  delicious toppings:                                                         egg, grilled lamb chop, boerewors, served with chips and
                  Crispy bacon, danish feta cubes, creamy garlic sauce  and oven-             baked beans in tomato sauce
                  baked with parmesan cheese
                  Creamed spinach with napoli sauce and topped with  danish                   FULL TIME BREAKFAST                                  149
                  feta cubes
                  Bacon, crushed garlic, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese                 200g  tender  rump  steak,  two  fried  eggs, two  rashers
                                                                                              of bacon,  boerewors, baked beans, two  slices of
                  THREE EGG OMELETTE                                       69                 toast,  chips,  fried  onions  and  grilled  tomato,  oh,  and
                                                                                              somewhere to put it all!
                  A folded three egg omelette filled with your choice of three of
                  the following delicious ingredients: ham, bacon, chilli mince,
                  cheddar or mozzarella cheese, danish feta, creamed spinach,
                  fried onions, sliced mushrooms, diced tomatoes. Served with
                  brown toast
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