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                                                                                                         CHICKEN FAJITA                                           99
                                SAUCY CHICKEN STRIPS                                      65
                                                                                                         Tender chicken breast strips marinated in tequila and lime, pan-
                                Pan–fried chicken strips with your choice of BBQ or peri-peri            fried with onion and green pepper, rolled in a fresh tortilla wrap.
                                sauce, served with a crispy Portuguese roll                              Served with a fresh garden salad, complemented by sour cream,
                                                                                                         guacamole and a Mexican salsa on the side
                                SLIMMERS CHICKEN                                          89

                                150g  of  tender  chicken  breast,  char-grilled  and  served  with      CHICKEN FLORENTINE                                       99
                                steamed yellow rice and a traditional Greek salad                        Juicy  chicken  breasts  baked  with  creamed  spinach,  Napoli       Pub Grub
                                                                                                         sauce, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, served with your choice
                                SMOKED CHICKEN WRAP                                       99             of starch and vegetables of the day
                                Layers of smoked chicken breast, guacamole, smooth cream cheese,
                                cucumber,  spring  onion  and  sweet  thai-chilli  sauce,  served  with    MILLIONAIRE’S CHICKEN                                 109
                                home fries                                                               Tender  filleted  chicken  breasts  grilled,  topped with asparagus
                                                                                                         and shrimps, smothered with a creamy cheese sauce, served
                                HALF CHICKEN, WEDGES & SALAD                            115              with fresh vegetables and your choice of rice, creamy mashed
                                                                                                         potatoes or chips
                                A juicy half chicken grilled on an open flame, basted with your
                                choice of lemon & herb, peri-peri or BBQ, served with golden             CREAMY CHICKEN                                          109
                                potato wedges and a fresh French salad
                                                                                                         Tender chicken breasts topped with a thick creamy bacon and
                                CHICKEN SCHNITZEL                                         99             mushroom sauce, served with veggies and your choice of starch

                                Tender  chicken  breast,  crumbed  and  deep-fried  ‘til  golden
                                brown,  complemented  with  a  creamy  cheese,  mushroom  or             STUFFED CHICKEN BREASTS                                 129
                                pepper sauce on the side. Served with your choice of starch              Two crumbed chicken breast fillets stuffed with onions, bacon,
                                and our vegetables of the day                                            green  pepper  and  sliced  white  mushrooms,  drizzled  with  a
                                                                                                         spicy mushroom sauce. Served with fresh veggies and your
                                MEXICAN SCHNITZEL                                       115              choice of starch

                                Chicken  schnitzel  with  a  hint  of  peri-peri  spice  topped  with    ROLLED CHICKEN                                          119
                                Mexican salsa and oven-baked with  cheddar  cheese,  served
                                with a Greek salad or your choice of starch                              Two tender chicken breasts, stuffed with sliced ham, chopped
                                                                                                         onions  and  a  finger  of  cheddar  cheese,  crumbed  and  deep-
                                CHICKEN À LA KING                                         99             fried ‘til golden, served with your choice of starch and fresh
                                                                                                         vegetables of the day
                                Tender  chicken  breast  strips,  garden peas,  white  button
                                mushrooms  and  green  peppers  in  a  creamy  sherry  sauce,
                                served on a bed of steamed yellow rice and accompanied by a
                                French salad

                                CHICKEN & BROCCOLI BAKE                                 115

                                Diced chicken and broccoli in a cream & herb sauce oven-baked
                                with cheddar cheese, served with our vegetables of the day

                                STIR FRY CHICKEN                                          89

                                Chicken breast strips in a medley of pan-fried vegetables with
                                a sweet & sour sauce, served on a bed of steamed yellow rice
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