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GRILLS All grills served with onion rings & chips or baked potato

             TENDER AGED RUMP                                                       BLACKENED RUMP                                          139

             200g                                                     109           A succulent 300g rump steak rolled in cajun spices and
             300g                                                     129           char-grilled to perfection

             PRIME CUT FILLET                                                       INKOSI RUMP                                             159
             200g                                                     139           A 300g rump topped with crispy bacon rashers, guacamole and
                                                                                    melted mozzarella cheese
             300g                                                     169
                                                                                    MILLIONAIRE’S RUMP                                      159
             T-BONE STEAK
                                                                                    A 300g prime cut of rump topped with asparagus and shrimps in
             400g                                                     129           a creamy cheese sauce

             600g                                                     169
                                                                                    MEXICAN RUMP                                            159
             STUFFED FILLET                                          149            A succulent 300g rump steak topped with our creamy garlic &

             A succulent 200g fillet stuffed with white button mushrooms,           chilli trinchado sauce
             danish feta and crushed garlic, char-grilled to perfection
                                                                                    PORTUGUESE RUMP                                         159
             BLUE CHEESE FILLET                                      149            A succulent 300g rump, topped with our spicy prego sauce and
                                                                                    a fried egg
             A tender 200g fillet char-grilled to perfection, complemented
             with a creamy blue cheese sauce
                                                                                    HALLOUMI & AVO RUMP                                     169
             FILLET PERRINI                                          149            A tender 300g rump, flame-grilled to perfection and topped with

             A  200g  succulent  fillet  steak,  char-grilled  to  perfection,      grilled halloumi cheese and avocado slices
             smothered in our famous peri-peri chicken livers
                                                                                    CHEESY MUSHROOM RUMP                                    159
             GREEN PEPPERCORN & WHISKY FILLET                        149            A tender, well-aged, 300g rump, topped with  sautéed

             A  200g  fillet  grilled  to  perfection,  topped  with  a  rich  green   mushrooms and overbaked with cheddar cheese
             peppercorn and whisky sauce
                                                                                    SNAILS & GARLIC RUMP                                    169
             FILLET JALAPEÑO                                         149            A 300g rump grilled to perfection, topped with snails and a creamy

             200g  prime  cut  fillet,  stuffed  with  mozzarella  cheese and       garlic & white wine sauce
             jalapeños and grilled to your liking
                                                                                    REPUBLICAN’S RUMP                                       169
             FILLET OCEANIC                                          159            A 300g rump basted in our secret basting, grilled to your liking,

             A tender, well-aged, 200g succulent fillet steak, topped with          topped with fresh avocado slices and biltong
             three New Zealand half-shell mussels, dressed with a creamy
             garlic & white wine sauce                                              GRILLED LAMB CHOPS                                      139
                                                                                    Three succulent Karoo lamb chops grilled on an open flame
             FILLET CHASSEUR                                         159            and complemented with a fresh mint sauce

             A 200g prime cut fillet smothered in a rich mustard, cream,
             onion, tomato & Chardonnay sauce

                         All steaks are flame-grilled to your liking and basted in our secret sauce
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