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PORK                                                                  CURRIES & CASSEROLES

                                   SAUSAGE, EGG & CHIPS                                   69             BEEF HOT POT                                            125

                                   Three succulent pork sausages grilled ‘til golden brown,              Traditional casserole of tender beef  cubes, carrots and peas,
                                   served with two fried eggs and a generous portion of                  slow-cooked overnight and topped with sliced potatoes, oven-
                                   home fries                                                            baked to golden perfection with fresh herbs. Served with your
                                                                                                         choice of starch and fresh vegetables of the day
                                   BRIE & BACON                                           89
                                                                                                         LAMB HOT POT                                            139
                                   A generous wedge of brie cheese, crumbed and deep-fried,
                                   topped with strips of crispy bacon and served with cranberry          Tender cubes of boneless lamb stewed in a rich tomato, garlic &
                                   sauce and fresh brown toast on the side                               rosemary gravy, interlaced with fresh vegetables and topped with
                                                                                                         golden potato discs. Served with your choice of starch and fresh
                                   BACON & FETA DELIGHT                                   75             vegetables of the day

                                   A whole fresh sesame roll, deep scored and  topped with               LAMB SHANK                                           169
                                   napoli  sauce,  crispy  bacon,  feta,  melted  mozzarella  and
                                   cheddar cheese                                                        Lamb on the bone slow roasted with red wine, garlic and fresh
                                                                                                         rosemary, served with mint sauce, homemade mashed potato
                                   PORK NECK STEAKS                                       99             and fresh veggies
                                   Two tender pork neck steaklets topped with a red wine & black         OXTAIL                                                  139           Mains
                                   mushroom sauce, served with creamy mashed potatoes and
                                   fresh veggies                                                         Slow-cooked  in  a  rich  red  wine  gravy  with  potatoes  and  carrots,
                                                                                                         served in a cast iron pot with mashed potatoes and hot vegetables
                                   BANGERS & MASH                                         69             on the side

                                   Three succulent pork  sausages,  presented  on a  bed of              LAMB CURRY                                              139
                                   homemade mashed potato and smothered in a hearty brown
                                   onion gravy, served with fresh vegetables of the day                  Succulent cubes of boneless lamb prepared the Cape Malay way
                                                                                                         and served with a crisp poppadom, yellow rice and sambals

                                   GRILLED PORK CHOPS                                    109             BEEF CURRY                                              125

                                   Two  juicy  pork  chops  grilled  on  an  open  flame,  served        Trimmed  beef  cubes  cooked  overnight  with  traditional  Indian
                                   with  homemade  mashed  potato,  brown  onion  gravy  and             spices, served with a golden poppadom, yellow rice and sambals
                                   vegetables of the day
                                                                                                         CHICKEN & PRAWN CURRY                                    119
                                   GAMMON STEAK                                         125
                                                                                                         Tender  cubes  of  chicken  breast  fillet  and  succulent  prawns,
                                   300g of smoked gammon steaks, glazed with tangy apricot               simmered in a sweet mild curry sauce, served with steamed
                                   sauce and topped with a slice of grilled pineapple, served            yellow rice, a poppadom and sambals
                                   with an apple mustard sauce, vegetables and creamy
                                   mashed potatoes
                                                                                                         CHICKEN CURRY                                            109
                                   EISBEIN                                              139              Diced chicken breast simmered with coriander, cumin, masala
                                                                                                         and a hint of cinnamon, served with steamed yellow rice,
                                   Pork knuckle basted with apricot mustard glaze, served with           sambals and a poppadom
                                   sauerkraut,  homemade  mashed potato and vegetables,
                                   with an apple mustard sauce on the side
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