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                  STEAK, EGG & CHIPS                                       99          PAP & VLEIS                                                          139

                  A tender 200g prime cut of rump, flame-grilled to your liking        Prime  rump  grilled  to  perfection,  boerewors  and  homemade
                  and topped with a fried egg, served with braised onions and          mielie pap, served with our tomato and onion gravy
                  home fries
                                                                                       CHILLI CON CARNE                                          95
                  STEAK & ONIONS                                          129
                                                                                       Chilli con carne topped with grated cheddar cheese and Mexican
                  Prime  strips  of  rump,  pan-fried  with  bacon  bits  and  braised   nachos chips, served with steamed yellow rice on the side
                  onions, simmered with a rich brown onion gravy and served with
                  homemade mashed potato and vegetables of the day                     SAUCY STEAK STRIPS                                        95

                  BOEREWORS ROLL                                           69          Pan-fried strips of prime rump steak sautéed with your choice
                                                                                       of BBQ or peri-peri sauce, served with a crispy Portuguese roll
                  Juicy  traditional  flame-grilled  boerewors,  served  on  a  fresh
                  sesame loaf, complemented with home fries and our very own           MIXED GRILL                                             199
                  tomato & onion gravy
                                                                                       This one is for the meat lovers! 200g rump steak with a fried
                  PREGO ROLL                                               99          egg, grilled pork chop, boerewors, served with chips and baked
                                                                                       beans in tomato sauce
                  200g of prime beef rump, flame-grilled and topped with our
                  very own garlic & chilli sauce on a fresh Portuguese roll, served
                  with home fries

                  BOBOTIE                                                            89

                  Traditional South  African bobotie – minced  beef blended
                  with onions, eastern spices and baked with an egg custard
                  topping, served with steamed yellow rice and sambals

                  STEAK SANDWICH                                           99
                  A  prime  200g  cut  of  rump,  flame-grilled  and  topped  with
                  braised onions on a fresh sesame loaf, served with chips

                  BOEREWORS BITES                                          65

                  A generous portion of juicy boerewors, cut into bite-size pieces
                  and served with a traditional tomato and onion gravy with a
                  hint of mild curry, served with a warm Portuguese roll

                  BEEF FILLET WRAP                                        139

                  Tender  strips  of  fillet  steak,  rocket,  dusted  onions,  fried
                  mushrooms, tomato, cucumber and Mexican salsa, served
                  with chips

                  FRIKKADELS, MASH & GRAVY                                 95
                  Succulent beef meatballs in a rich brown onion gravy, served
                  on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, accompanied by hot
                  vegetables of the day
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