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CHICKEN & MUSHROOM                                                99
                                                                                                      PASTA Your choice of penne, fettuccini or spaghetti
                          Chicken  cubes  and  sliced  white  button  mushrooms  sautéed  with  mixed
                          spices and covered in a creamy white sauce topped with golden puff
                          pastry, served with chips                                                   BOLOGNESE                                                     89
                                                                                                      A medley of ground beef blended with tomatoes, onion, garlic, fresh
                          HOT LITTLE ROOSTER                                              109         basil and a hint of celery. Served with parmesan cheese on the side

                          Tender chicken cubes grilled in a rough chilli mix, slices of jalapeños,
                          mozzarella cheese and creamed spinach all wrapped in a golden shell         ALFREDO                                                       95
                          of puff pastry, served with brown onion gravy and chips
                                                                                                      Smoked ham strips with sliced white button mushrooms and
                                                                                                      doused in a thick creamy white sauce with parmesan cheese on
                          CREAMY CHICKEN, MUSHROOM & PEPPER                               105         the side

                          A medley of chicken breast cubes, sliced white button mushrooms with
                          mixed peppers in a herb and white wine sauce, topped with a golden          BEEF LASAGNE                                                  95
                          pastry lid, served with chips                                               Ground  beef  slow-cooked  with  garlic,  tomato  and  fresh  basil,
                                                                                                      layered between pasta sheets and topped with a tomato Napoli
                          CHICKEN & PRAWN                                                 125         sauce, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese

                          Tender chicken breast cubes and succulent prawns  sautéed with              CHICKEN & BACON                                               99
                          white mushrooms and covered in mozzarella cheese, packed into a
                          golden pastry pocket and doused in our creamy cheese sauce, served          A superb combination of tender chicken breast cubes, crispy bacon        Mains
                          with chips                                                                  and creamy arrabiata sauce, complemented with warmed pita bread
                                                                                                      on the side
                          CHICKEN CURRY                                                     99
                                                                                                      LIP SMACKIN’ CHICKEN                                          99
                          Diced chicken breast, simmered with coriander, cumin, masala, a hint
                          of cinnamon and topped with a golden pastry lid. Served with chips          Juicy chicken breast strips, blended with onions, green peppers,
                                                                                                      chilli and spinach, simmered in a cream and tomato concassé and
                                                                                                      poured over your choice of pasta
                          CHICKEN & SPICY MUSHROOM                                        115

                          Diced chicken breast, mozzarella cheese and creamed spinach wrapped         CANNELLONI SPINACH & RICOTTA                                 109
                          in pastry and covered in a spicy mushroom sauce, served with chips
                                                                                                      Cannelloni tubes filled with creamed baby spinach leaves and ripe
                          SPINACH & FETA                                                    89        ricotta cheese, covered in Napolitana sauce and melted
                                                                                                      mozzarella cheese
                          A puff pastry parcel stuffed with creamed spinach, danish feta, sliced
                          white mushrooms, julienne red peppers and a little garlic, served with
                          lemon butter sauce and a fresh crisp salad

                          CHEESE BURGER PIE                                               109

                          A 150g homemade pure beef patty wrapped in a delicious pastry with
                          cheddar cheese and relish, served with chips

                          BEEF & ONION PIE                                                109

                          Savoury beef mince and julienne onions in a thick roast onion gravy
                          wrapped in a golden shell of puff pastry and served with chips
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